Nutrition: Energy for Intense Workouts

Workout description:

I used to go to physical Therapy. I needed it for a bit, but eventually I was showing up to hour sessions with nothing wrong with my body. Those sessions soon became the most intense workout of my week. Afterward, I would go straight to goalkeeper training for an hour of training and lessons. It was a good mix of continuous weights, and cardio, into a session of diving, and dynamics. Some days my physical therapist, who had knack for making things fun, would throw me medicine ball while I was standing on Buso ball, that, did I mention was upside down? Making sure I was ready for the reps of catches I would do later with my keeper coach. Those days weren’t only filled with workouts, but I learned new things through those workouts as well. During PT I would learn deadlifting, how to box jump, and squat properly. Then in keeper training I would learn exercises that take care of my body so that it doesn’t get hurt while playing (which you would think would be a pt thing, but no.) along with a new save technique every day.

Meal description:

A long intense workout takes a lot of energy, when running low on energy, instead of chugging an energy drink, a better way to get that glycogen level back up is a sweet potato. But not only does the sweet potato help with your glycogen, it also keeps you full for you whole workout, not leaving running on nothing half way through.

Sweet Potatos


Not only does the sweet potato help with your glycogen, it also keeps you full for your whole workout.


Preheat oven to 400* F

Peel and dice or slice sweet potatoes

Evenly coat the slices with the remaining ingredients

Spread the potatoes into an even single layer on a baking sheet

Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, and test with a fork when ready 🙂


Nutrition that works as hard as you do.